Embrace The Change!

Neepawa Junior Hockey Club Name Change
June 7th, 2021
Today, the Neepawa Junior Hockey Club launches a new era in their long storied history in
Manitoba Junior Hockey League.
After 32 years, the name “Natives” along with the Chief Blackhawk logo on the sweater has officially been
retired. While the name and logo has been synonymous with hockey in the community since the early
60’s, the Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to turn the page and leave the name and logo
in the past.
“This is a bittersweet day for me,” said Head Coach & GM Ken Pearson. “As a player who wore this
sweater in the 90’s, It played a big part in my life. It was a special time. However, for a younger
generation of fans, and the next chapter in Neepawa’s hockey history this new name is something people
will embrace and be proud of. I’m looking forward to it.”
After hundreds of submissions, the organization has settled on a new name and logo that the community
of Neepawa and the Province of Manitoba can be proud of.
The Neepawa Titans.
A Titan is known as “One that stands out for greatness of achievement” and we feel our community is
full of “Titans” in every facet of life.
Known as the Land of Plenty, Neepawa is a “Titan” in the agriculture, lumber, pork production and
brewing industries. Paying homage to these important pillars of our community is an integral part of our
“This is a blue collar, hard working town. Everyone grabs their lunch pail and goes to work every day
to keep our great community growing,” said Ken Waddell, team President. That’s what we want to
embody as a hockey team. Hard working, Community Minded, Leaders on and off the ice.”
The logo was designed by Brooks Freeman of Virden and plays off the Greek Mythological definition of
Titan, “One that is gigantic in size or power,” while using a shade of gold that reflects a field of canola
on the horizon. The silver and black secondary colours pay tribute to the classic look of Neepawa
Junior Hockey clubs of the 1990’s.
Although today marks the transition to a new age of hockey in Neepawa, our organization is committed to
preserving the history that is entrenched in the walls of the Yellowhead Centre.

For More Information:
GM & Head Coach Ken Pearson 204.476.5308
President Ken Waddell 204.476.6214